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Water Reuse

Due to climate change, water scarcity is becoming increasingly problematic. As a result, there is a growing need to reuse wastewater, be it as irrigation water, as process water or even as drinking water.

While technical possibilities for all these applications exist, full-scale examples of a decentralized purification of wastewater to reuse as drinking water, for instance, were not available at the start of the NEREUS project. One of the key inhibitions being a reticence on the part of governments as well as consumers. For this reason, the NEREUS project's focus is not only on the technical and economical feasibility of (decentralized) water reuse, but just as much on its social acceptance. This is why involved pilot partners will work actively to organize demonstrations, tours and other activities involving a larger public and knowledge partners continuously invest in the development of tools, methods and strategies to stimulate the adoption of these new techniques.

Read all about the ins and outs of the water recovery and reuse demos here in the final report.

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