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Strategic tools

Resource recovery has a lot of potential in an urban context. Yet a lot of effors are needed to convince cities, regions, waterboards and citizens about the benefits of implementing resource recovering solutions to reuse wastewater. 

NEREUS shows cities, regions, waterboards and citizens about the benefits of implementing resource recovering solutions to reuse wastewater. The project researches, tests and develops strategies to improve the community acceptance.

To have real life implementation and multiplication of the pilot cases, strategies and business models regarding resource recovery technologies from waste water are essential. NEREUS provides strategies and business models based on the experiences within the project.

Model cooperation agreements

The NEREUS partnership detected a need to make model cooperation agreements available, which can serve as a legal starting point for exchanging water streams.

These framework agreements are perfectly modular and mainly intended to provide insight into the matters that parties should start thinking about before entering into a blind contract with each other.

The model agreements are available in English, Dutch and French.

Download the model agreements here >


Final reports

Read all about the ins and outs of the recovery and reuse demos in the three final reports:

Water recovery > Energy recovery > Nutrient recovery >


Also consult this report on the market potential of struvite produced in a decentral wastewater plant in Ghent, Belgium.

Download the report >


Decision Support Tool

NEREUS develops a decision support tool (DST) providing recommendations and specific information on suitable technologies for both public authorities and investors.

Use the Decision Support Tool here >


How to start a resource recovery project? NEREUS provides a roadmap to guide you through the process.

Download the roadmap > 


Financial Feasibility Tool - business model

With the inputs of the demo sites we developed a tool to give a first, high-level assessment of how financially feasible a case is. With this model we aim to make resource recovery and reuse more accessible, and to boost sustainable innovation.

With this tool the user can assess whether

• The business case is feasible,

• What drives the business case,

• What needs to be optimized to achieve a profitable outcome.

In this tutorial we’ll walk you through the feasibility model and teach you how to use it!

Download the Feasibility Tool here >