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Nutrient Recovery

Finite nutrients present in (domestic) wastewater, including phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and calcium, offer significant potential for reuse.

Phosphorus, for instance, is crucial for fertilizing soil, and it is estimated that 40 to 50% of the phosphorus influent could be reclaimed. Since global phosphorus mining reserves are rapidly depleting, this reuse is not only possible but also very crucial. Yet, not a lot of phosphorus is currently being recovered. In the Netherlands, only about 1,7% is being recycled, and most likely similar figures apply to the other member states. For the 2Seas region, this means that millions of kilograms are not yet being recovered and recycled. And that's just speaking about phosphorus.

Therefore, several democases in the NEREUS project investigate the technical and commercial possibilities of recovering nutrients from wastewater. Some focus on nutrient recovery alone, while others search for an integrated approach including water reuse and energy recovery.

Read all about the ins and outs of the nutrient recovery and reuse demos here in the final report.

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