About Nereus

The NEREUS project wants to boost the transformation of wastewater into a valuable source of waternutrients (e.g. cellulose, nutrients), and energy that could be reused in the Interreg 2Seas area.

Due to the climate change, there is an increasing water scarcity. For this reason, there is an increasing need to reuse wastewater.

Finite nutrients such as phosphorus are crucial for agriculture and currently not recovered from wastewater. As a result, these resources cannot be reused in a meaningful manner (e.g. as fertilizer).

Wastewater also contains energy and heat that could be used as a sustainable source of energy in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Around Europe, the conviction grows that future arrangements for the treatment of wastewater should be based on the principles of a circular economy. Although the technology is available, we still notice that decision makers are hesitant to implement the technology due to the lack of practical evidence.One of the objectives of the Nereus project is to deliver this evidence and to convince both private and public decision makers.