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NEREUS pilot case moved from Rotterdam to Harnaschpolder in Delft

The NEREUS pilot located at the Uit Je Eigen Stad (UJES) city farm in Rotterdam, has been moved to the research hall on the Delft Blue Innovations site in the Harnaschpolder (HNP) near Delft. 

Over the past three years the site at the UJES city farm in Rotterdam was used by Evides Industriewater for research on the recovery of raw materials and irrigation water from the local waste water.

Due to the bankrupcy of Uit Je Eigen Stad, the local agricultural activities and restaurant stopped. This made the location no longer suitable for the pilot study. With the move of the pilot to Harnaschpolder (HNP) in Delft, the waste water from HNP will benefit from the NEREUS research.
A part of the NEREUS investigation, more exactly the research on the reuse of cellulose, already took place at the Harnaschpolder wastewater treatment plant.