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First Nereus democase officialy opened in Rotterdam

Annette Ottolini, managing director at the Dutch water utility Evides opened on June 25th the NEREUS pilot location in Rotterdam under the watchful eye of international guests. At this site, the reuse of domestic waste water will be tested and researched.

In the presence of representatives of the European and Dutch project partners, Daan Roosegaarde - artist, entrepreneur, inventor, designer and also neighbor of the pilot location - spoke about the relationship between design and technology. For Roosegaarde innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and good promotion are the essential ‘building blocks’ of the NEREUS project.
During the official opening act, Annette Ottolini extracted symbolically valuable raw materials from domestic waste water. "Reuse is a key strategic priority for Evides, and it will actively contribute towards a sustainable future”, Ottolini stated. “In doing so, we actively seek for new collaborations, which is also reflected in the Nereus project. Our previous research in this domain showed to be promising, now we are able to continue our developments in an international context."

Value from wastewater
In the NEREUS pilot location, Evides Industriewater is conducting research to create as much value as possible from domestic waste water, such as water, nutrients and energy. The waste water is collected and processed into usable raw materials in various steps and using different technologies. For this democase Evides collaborates together with the Nereus project partnership and Logisticon water treatment B.V., Delfland Water Board, Hollandse Delta Water Board, Schieland Water Board and the Krimpenerwaard and the municipality of Rotterdam.
For more information about the democase, click here.