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2020 Highlights of NEREUS

Recovering valuable resources from wastewater: 2020 Highlights of the Interreg2Seas NEREUS project


New Docks residents are moved in, greywater treatment and heat pump operational

One part of the treatment system in the New Docks demo case (Ghent) purifies greywater from apartments (wastewater from sinks, showers, baths, washing machines…). The greywater treatment plant by NEREUS project partner DuCoop became fully operational in May 2020, right after the residents moved into their new homes.

A few months later the heat pump was commissioned. The temperature of the treated effluent (20-30°C) was found to be perfectly suited to be recovered by the heat pump.

In October 2020 water utility company Farys started the piloting tests to reuse the treated water as process water by next-door soap factory Christeyns. So far the tests have been promising and operations continue into the first quarter of 2021.

DuCoop reels in 3 awards for New Docks democase

2020 was filled with recognition for project partner DuCoop. Not in the least because the New Docks was the Belgian winner of the Energy Globe Awards, the most renowned environmental prize worldwide. 

DuCoop also won the silver award in the category 'Business Process Award' in The European Business Awards for the Environment, for combining innovation, competitiveness and outstanding environmental performance. These medals are also awarded on a Belgian level (Belgian Business Awards for the Environment), where DuCoop was also honoured with the 2nd prize.

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NEREUS partners publish research article on KPI's for resource recovery

Project partner HZ University with other partner University of Portsmouth composed a research article about the technical, environmental, economic and social key performance indicators (KPI’s) that can be used to quantify the benefits and the risks of resource recovery. Title: Mathematically formulated key performance indicators for design and evaluation of treatment trains for resource recovery from urban wastewater.

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Evides Industriewater upscales algae research to photobioreactor

Evides Industriewater explores how the resource nitrogen can be extracted from wastewater. One of the tests examines adding a specific type of algae, since they feed on nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and produce the valuable blue pigment phycocyanine. As small-scale tests have provided sufficient information, the algae cultivation has recently been upscaled to a photobioreactor (20 l) to optimise treatment conditions.

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