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Thursday 10 June 2021

Workshop for demonstrating and gaining experience with the NEREUS Decision Support Tool: Resource Recovery from Wastewater

About this event

This workshop, involving project partners and outside experts, will demonstrate the decision support tool, have scenario testing and experimentation and will collect initial feedback on the tool’s performance. The DST can be run as either a Policy Maker or a Technical Expert and workshop participants will work in small groups to experiment with the tool for one of these settings. After this a feedback session will be held in order to gather opinions, which will lead to improvements to the DST. For attendees wanting to look at the tool ahead of this event it is available at

The event will also include speakers from Southern Water and Severn Trent, who will focus on recent developments in UK water treatment.

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A decision support tool (DST) has been designed and implemented to assist decision makers in the optimal selection of the wastewater recovery technologies. The tool considers a variety of technologies proposed by pilot case studies, and evaluates effectiveness based on criteria for the selection of optimal treatment, including technical, economical, environmental and social factors. The DST user is required to supply some scenario input details and preference values for the optimization process.

Event Schedule

•1:00 - 1:05pm: Event Welcome (Prof Djamila Ouelhadj & Kev Willis - UoP)
•1:05 - 1:15pm: Introduction to NEREUS Project (Veerle Depuydt - VITO)
•1:15 - 1:35pm: Christopher Randall & Elin Williamson, Guest Speakers from Southern Water
•1:35 - 1:55pm: Peter Vale, Guest Speaker from Severn Trent
•1:55 - 2:25pm: Presentation & Demonstration of DST (Kev Willis - UoP)
•2:25 - 2:35pm: Break
•2:35 - 3:05pm: Group Interactive Breakout Rooms with Scenario Testing
(Facilitated by Seda Sucu, Ramazan Esmeli, & Kev Willis - UoP)
•3:05 - 3:15pm: Feedback from Breakout Room Groups (UoP)
•3:15 - 3:55pm: Combined Feedback Session with Surveys and Discussion (Kev Willis - UoP)
•3:55 - 4pm: End of Event (UoP)

Practical Information

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  • Online Event to be held on Zoom (Link will be provided nearer event)
  • Contact Email:
Location: Online
Organiser: University of Portsmouth