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Thursday 31 May 2018

Inspiration Day: Water Reuse, Nutrient Recovery and Energy Recovery

Start Conference of the Nereus Project

During this Inspiration day you will get a complete overview of the innovative demo cases in Antwerp, Ghent, Rotterdam and the Saint-Omer region within the NEREUS project.

Furthermore, there are interesting presentations and round tables/working sessions where participants can share their experiences and find new inspiration. 

This inspiration day also offers  interesting international networking opportunities.

The event is free of charge. Registration in advance is obliged.


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The Programme


Registration – welcome coffee


WELCOME and Plenary session


10 :00 – 10 :20 Conference Opening and Welcome + Introduction of the NEREUS project by Veerle Depuydt, Project Coordinator - Lead Partner of the Interreg 2 Seas NEREUS project, project coordinator VITO/Vlakwa


10:00 – 12:00 Introduction of the demo cases within the NEREUS project

with focus on Water Reuse and Energy and Nutrient Recovery in urban areas


  • Demo case Nieuwe Dokken, Ghent –The closing of multiple loops by demonstration of the ZAWENT (= Zero WAsteWater with recovery of Energy and Nutrients) in a new urban district in Ghent by Dries Seuntjens,  Project leader  DuCoop
  • Demo case Antwerpen Zuid, Antwerp  - The recovery of drinking water from grey wastewater by testing the NEREUS technology by Wim Bossaerts, Process Engineer Water-Link
  • Demo case Evides Industriewater – A decentral wastewater pilot plant in Rotterdam where technologies as electrocoagulation-flotation, membrane technology, algae, ...  will be tested to recover (irrigation) water, nutrients (N, P) and energy by Paula Van den Brink,Process Engineer Evides Industriewater
  • Demo case  Southern Water and the challenges of the community acceptance - A trial plant for removal and recovery of nutrients from decentralised urban wastewater in South-England. The trials are planned to be undertaken on a sidestream at Peel Common Wastewater Treatment works which services a population of 250,000 people from the South East of England by Drew Brown, Project Manager and Rashmi Crouch, Project Engineering Design Lead Southern Water
  • Demo case CAPSO – Combining different flows of waste to create a biogas line to inject energy in the public network by Adele Joli, Project Manager CAPSO


12 :00 – 12 :15 :  Questions

12 :15-13 :15

Lunch + networking

13 :15-14 :15

Presentations on the innovative reuse of water, nutrients and energy recovery in Europe

14 :15-14 :30

Switching rooms/meeting rooms

14 :30-15: 30


Water reuse


Chairman: Dries Seuntjens, DuCoop



Resource recovery



Drew Brown, Southern Water






Sabine Courouble, CAPSO

15 :30 – 15 :45

Switching sessions/meeting room

15: 45 -16 :30

Conclusions of the sessions by the Chairmen and Final conclusion

16 :30 – 16 :45

END SPEECH  by François Decoster, the president of  CAPSO

16 :45 – 18 :00 


18 :00








Location: CAPSO Building - 2, Rue Albert Camus - 62219 Longuenesse


Pre-Event on Wednesday 30th of May (organised by Capso)

CAPSO offers you the possibility to assist to the Pre-Event on Wednesday afternoon. During this afternoon, we offer you the chance to visit Enerlya in Fauquembergues where you can discover an exhibition on renewable energy, followed by a visit to the brewery 'Brasserie de Saint-Omer' in Arques.

The event starts at 15h in Longuenesse


15 :00 CAPSO office Longuenesse  40 minutes bus drive to Enerlya in Fauquembergues
15 :45 Visit of Enerlya (45 minutes)
16 :30 Enerlya to Brasserie de Saint-Omer (brewery) in Arques – 45 minutes to drive
17 :15 Visit of the brewery (1h30)
18 :45 Bus drive back to the CAPSO office in Longuenesse.
19 :00 end

Location: Saint-Omer (France)
Organiser: Nereus Project Consortium
Inspiration Day: Water Reuse, Nutrient Recovery and Energy Recovery